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Gianni Caproni

Arco 1886 - Rome 1957

The pioneer of the Italian aviation was born in Arco

Gianni Caproni
Fonte: sito del Museo di Gianni Caproni

Caproni can be considered a pioneer of Italian aviation. After studying at the Polytechnic Institute of Munich, he spent some time in Liege and then in Paris, where he assisted and got fascinated by early flight experiments. Back to Arco, Gianni Caproni built his first rudimentary biplane with the help of some craftsmen. Subsequently he moved his company to Milan, where in 1910 with the help of his brother Federico, he flew in the skies of Malpensa a CA-1 type: an airplane that played a major role during the First World War. The Caproni Company prospered until the early fifties, then, faced with the rapid technical evolution of competition, it was closed. The Aviation Museum and the airfield in Trento are dedicated to the memory of Gianni Caproni. His portrait hangs in the Hall of Fame in San Diego and in the White House, where Eisenhower invited him for the festivities on the occasion of the first flight of the Wright brothers.


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