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Informative notice for the processing of personal information

Informative notice pursuant to and in fulfilment of Article 13, Lgs. Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003
In compliance with Lgs. Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Consolidated Privacy Act), we are hereby providing you with the required information concerning the processing of and methods of processing your personal information, as well as the means and methods of communicating and publishing the same, the nature of the information in our possession, and their attainment.
This document, concerning the personal information privacy policies of Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A., is intended to accurately describe the management methods employed in processing the personal information of users and visitors to their website.
This document is to be considered the informative document required by Art. 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 for users of services offered by our web site. This informative notice is not valid for other web sites that can be potentially accessed through our links, for which Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. is in no way liable. The indications provided below are also based on Recommendation n. 2/2001 of the Garanti Europei Group for the protection of personal information adopted on 17 May 2001 ex art. 29 of directive n. 95/46/EC concerning the specific method for collecting personal data on the Internet and are determined to identify the minimum measures that must be implemented when dealing with the persons involved in order to guarantee the fairness and lawfulness of such practices (in the application of Articles 6, 7, 10, and 11 of Directive 95/46/EC).
Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. processes the personal information provided by users very carefully. This informative notice on privacy establishes the privacy policy of Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A., which regulates the areas protected by passwords for web sites under the Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. domain, through which Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. collects personal information. By accessing or using any of the web sites above, the user also explicitly accepts the conditions established in this privacy policy. In case of disagreement with any of the terms herein, please do not use the sites and do not provide any personal information. Some services may require that the user provide personal information.


The personal and/or identifying information for the purposes inherent to this privacy policy, or "Personal Information", is intended as any and all information through which the user can be personally identified, including but not limited to name, surname, address, fixed and mobile telephone numbers, e-mail address, etc. The Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. privacy policy regulates the processing of the user’s personal information, including but not limited to the collection, use, storage, and protection of the information provided and/or collected from the user for the purposes outlined below. Processing related to the web services offered by this site (physically present "in hosting" at the Aruba S.p.A. ""), are carried out at the offices of the data controller Company and are handled only by the employees, collaborators, or partners of Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. responsible for data processing or possibly by temporary professionals who carry out maintenance procedures. No information deriving from web services is communicated or distributed.


Management and processing of the information (company, name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, and address) voluntarily provided by the user, pertinent to:
register on the web site to receive newsletters, information, regulatory updates, events communications, promotional communications for analogous service and to be contacted by Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. via the mailing list;
and/or register on the web site to subscribe to events and closely related activities, promotional communications for analogous service, and to be contacted by Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. the mailing list;
requests for information inherent to Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A services;
acquisition of information preliminary to the conclusion of a contract, supply of service, and commercial offers;
activities directly connected and necessary to the management of user relations for the registration and management of informative activities, the supply of estimates, supply of services, and for protecting credit situations deriving from the same;
accounting activities (issuing of invoices, preparation of payments).


The processing will take place automatically and/or manually, with methods and instruments aimed at guaranteeing the utmost security and confidentiality, by subjects specifically assigned to do so in compliance with Articles 31 and following of Lgs. Decree 196/03. The information will be stored for a period not to exceed the purpose for which the information was collected and subsequently processed.


Your information that has been subjected to processing will not be distributed – with the exception of the authorisation granted through the pertinent informative notice - but may instead be communicated to companies with contractual relations with Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. within the European Union in conformity and within the limits established by Art. 42 of Lgs. Decree n. 196/2003. Personal information may be transferred abroad to extra-EU nations and within the limits established by Art 43 and by Art. 44 lett. b) of Lgs. Decree n. 196/2003, for the purposes indicated, in order to fulfil contracts of related purposes. To this view, the information may be communicated to third parties belonging to the following categories:
- subjects (generally internal employees) providing services for IT services management used by Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. and of telecommunications networks (thereby including e-mail and internet website - hosting);
procurement services companies, the registration and processing of data from documents or supports provided and originating from the same clients and dealing with mass processing of payments, effects, checks and other securities;
- subjects offering assistance services to users;
- free-lance professionals, offices, or companies working in the fields of assistance and consultancy;
- subjects performing the required controls, revision, and certification activities implemented by Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A.
designated by Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A..
Subjects belonging to the abovementioned categories carry out the function of Data controller or operate in complete autonomy as distinct Data controllers. The list of eventual data controllers is constantly updated and available from the head offices of Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A.. Every further communication or distribution will take place subject to your explicit consent.


The granting of the requested information and relative consent is optional; if consent is refused however, Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. will not be able to complete your request to register on the site below, supply the service available on the site, necessary to fulfil contractual, accounting, and fiscal obligations. The data controller also acknowledges that the failure to communicate, or errors in communicating any of the obligatory information (indicated by the symbol *), will result in the consequential: 1) impossibility of the data controller to guarantee that the data processing meet the terms and conditions of the contract for which it is carried out; 2) the potential failure of processing results to fulfil the corresponding obligations established by fiscal, administrative, or labour regulations for which it is intended.
The lack of consent to process information for the purposes specified above makes it impossible to respond to your requests through the site and may limit the possibility of providing the services requested.
With the exception of specifications made for browsing information, the user is free to provide personal information to request the sending of information or request other types of services offered by the company. Failure to grant consent may make it impossible to obtain the service requested.
You may exercise your rights as established in Articles 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Lgs. Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 by contacting the Data Controller, our Company, in the person of our legal representative L. Cattoi, whom you may contact by phoning our offices at 0464588000, or by sending an e-mail to


Cookies are files or parts of information that are saved on the hard disk of the user’s computer (files sent by the server of the user’s browser) when the site is visited. Cookies of sessions used serve to speed up the Internet traffic analyses and facilitate user access to services offered by the site.
Most browsers are set to accept cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies, it is possible to set the computer to refuse them or visualize a message when they are being saved.
If the user refuses the use of cookies, the capacity to provide personalised services will be limited. In the latter case, some functions of the site may not work correctly and some of the services may not be available. Cookies cannot be used and will not be used to obtain the user’s e-mail address, to obtain information from the hard disk, or to acquire confidential or sensitive information about the same. In order to allow the activation of specific services functions and for the time during which these will be performed, the site will use the so-called cookies. Data relative to the cookies will not be distributed.


IT systems and software procedures made available for the functioning of this web site acquire, over the course of their normal execution, some personal data, the transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet communications protocols.
This information is not collected to be associated with the subjects identified, but rather by their very nature may, through elaboration and association with data in the possession of third parties, allow the user to be identified.
This category of data includes IP addresses or names belonging to the computer operated by the users who connect to the site, the addresses in URI notation (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in response, the numeric code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the user’s operating system and IT environment.
These data are used only for the purpose of compiling anonymous statistical information about the use of the web site and to control that it is working correctly; they are deleted immediately after being processed.
The data in question may be used to verify responsibility in case of a potential IT crime that may damage our site: with the exception of this potential situation, generally web contact data are not saved for more than seven days.
Information provided voluntarily by the user.
The optional, voluntary, and explicit sending of e-mails to the addresses indicated on this site inherently imply the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, which is required in order to be able to respond to the request, as well as other personal information included in the content.
Specific brief or analytical information notices are available in the pages of the web site intended for special services to be requested.
In their requests for services or enquiries, we invite our users not to send names or other personal information regarding third parties that are not absolutely necessary; it is advisable, instead, to use imaginary names.


In order to provide a complete service, our web site contains links to other web sites. The fact that Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A provides these links does not imply the approval of the sites themselves, the quality, contents, and graphics of which Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A. denies any and all liability. Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A is not liable for information obtained by the user via access to linked sites. Therefore, the owners of these sites, accessed under the conditions of the sites themselves, are responsible for the completeness and precision of the information therein; therefore Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A offers no insurance concerning any software eventually present on the site and cannot guarantee quality, security in downloads, and compatibility with the system in use.

Art. 7. Right to access personal information and other rights

1. The user has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or lack of personal information, even if not yet registered, and their communication in legible format.
2. The user has the right to obtain indications concerning: a) the origins of the personal information; b) the purpose and methods of processing; c) the logic applied in case of processing carried out by electronic instruments; d) identifying details of the data controller, the managers, and the designated representative pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 2; e) subjects and categories of subjects to which personal information can be communicated or may be informed of it as designated representatives in the territory of the State, or managers or persons in charge. 3. The user has the right to obtain: the updating, correction or, if necessary, the integration of the information; b) the elimination, the transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of information processed in violation of the law, including those for which the archiving for the purposes for which the information was collected or subsequently processed is not necessary; c) the demonstration that the operations relative to letters a) and b) were brought to the knowledge of, also concerning their content, of those to whom the information was communicated or distributed, with the exception of the case in which such fulfilment is impossible or implies the use of means obviously disproportionate to the protected right. 4. The user also has the right to oppose, entirely or in part :a) for legitimate reasons, the processing of his/her personal information, even if pertinent to the purpose of its collection; b) the processing of personal information concerning him or her for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for the purpose of marketing research or sales communications.
The personal information provided will be protected on this web platform and at Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A..
For any request for information and/or clarifications, please contact:
Data controller: Linea Web Graffiti 2000 S.p.A, in the person of its legal representative Luca Cattoi – executive offices in Via Santa Caterina, 45, 38062 Arco (TN) may be contacted by telephone at 0464588000, or by e-mail at

Arco, 31 March 2011

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